What are the guarantees of implant engraftment and how long can an implant last?
Implants have been used in dentistry for quite a long
How painful is implant surgery?
Most people are afraid of implants because of the pain
Do I need a pre-operative evaluation to know how many implants to place?
There is always a preliminary check-up before implantation.
Are there any contraindications to dental implants?
Unfortunately, yes. Dental implants are not indicated
What is the best toothpaste to use for a child of 10 years old?
Question: Please advise which toothpaste is best for
The dentist did not place the pin correctly. What should I do?
Question: A month ago I had 2 zirconia crowns on pins
What are veneers and how are they installed?
Answer: Veneers are ceramic onlays that restore the
Gums bleeding and plaque on teeth
Question: What do I do if my gums bleed when I brush
Is it better to put a crown or a filling on a tooth?
Question: My husband thinks it’s better to put
Streaks and stains on a baby’s permanent teeth
Question: What does it mean when a child has white
If your doctor removes a baby tooth, won’t the permanent tooth immediately erupt in its place?
How to ask a dentist online
Answer: A permanent tooth will erupt when its time comes.
How can you relieve toothache during pregnancy?
How to ask a dentist online
Question: I am three months pregnant. My tooth hurts a lot.