Importance of Oral Hygiene and Healthy Teeth

Oral health plays an important role in maintaining the health of the entire body.

The most common dental diseases are dental caries and periodontal diseases. They do not pose a threat to life, but their treatment requires high economic costs. The disease most often begins in childhood, steadily progresses and eventually leads to irreversible damage to the teeth, pain and discomfort. If the process is not stopped, the tooth gradually collapses.

The main cause of these diseases is plaque – a specific formation on the surface of the tooth caused by the accumulation and growth of microorganisms. Plaque is attached to the surface of the tooth, it can not be washed off with water.

Plaque bacteria turn sugar and food residues in the mouth into acids that dissolve the enamel of the teeth, resulting in a carious cavity. In addition, toxic substances released by bacteria cause inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and their bleeding. The inflammatory process can spread to the jawbones and the ligament that holds the teeth in the dental well, they lose their stability and become mobile.

Primary prevention of dental diseases is based on the combined use of the following 3 methods: oral hygiene, the use of fluoride, and rational nutrition.

The UtoDent virtual doctor project offers you to become more competent in matters related to the health of your teeth, oral hygiene, and will help you better and faster recognize diseases in order to promptly contact a specialized doctor for appropriate treatment.

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