Teeth Color Chart

The vast majority of people who go to dentists about the color of their teeth want to whiten them to perfect whiteness. Let's look at the concepts of tooth color chart and natural shade of teeth.
color chart for teeth

We’ve seen lots of patients requesting the lightest teeth possible when they pertain to our practice for teeth whitening, so we believed we write a post explaining more about the tooth shading system that we use, and how light is a B1 shade compared to an A3?

Denture Teeth Color Chart Review

Lots of teeth whitening items on the market suggest that they can lighten teeth by 20 or 30 shades, nevertheless all of it depends how you want to grade those shades and how close together one decides to make them. Sometimes, all these business do is add extra shades as half shades consequently increasing the variety of shades they can lighten your teeth!

The professional method to keep track of teeth whitening and how light your teeth are is by utilizing a market basic guide, rather than by making one up.

The normal tooth shade guide has four primary categories — A, B, C, D. These variety from yellow-colored, reddish tooth tones, through to greyer teeth.

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Then within these classifications there are up to 4 lightness shades — 1, 2, 3 & 4 with number 1 being the lightest.

There are a couple of differences of this, however to keep things easy this is the standard concept of how we measure tooth color.

The typical shade for a tooth is A3, this is considered a normal color and around 70% of the population have natural teeth which are within this variety.

Teeth Shades and Color Chart

A B1 shade is considerably lighter than A3 and is typically thought about the lightest naturally taking place shade. However, with the arrival of tooth whitening patient owned tones are now getting significantly lighter than this, and are often called Hollywood white shades. About 10 years ago if you asked the dental practitioner to whiten your teeth to a B1 shade then this would have been thought about very intense, however with more and more celebs having their teeth whitening or perhaps having veneers to an ultra-white color this has driven popular public conception to think about that B1 is no longer white enough.

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Dental practice enjoys to discuss with you your existing tooth color shade and how light your teeth could perhaps choose teeth whitening. We can look at a B1 shade compared with your present shade to see if this is too light for your complexion and overall skin tone. The practice is simple to discover and there is generally lots of parking on the street outside.

Teeth Shades Chart

For a clearer and easier understanding of tooth shades and their codes, we offer you the following chart from B1 to C4:

What is a Natural Tooth Shade?

Did you understand that the natural color of teeth is off-white, similar to that of bone? It is a step darker than pure white. This contrasts with the popular, pure white, cosmetically improved smiles, provided in the media. We are all influenced by the airbrushed celebrities and tooth lightening commercials, but reality is a little different. Popular opinion of what natural tooth color must be, is rather prejudiced.

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The explanation of why natural tooth color is darker than pure white is easy. As you might already understand, teeth consist of an outer enamel layer and an underlying dentin layer. The latter is less transparent and darker than the former and shows through the enamel layer providing it light gray or (light) yellow color.

At the End

Let me expose you some curious truths. These are easy to understand based upon what we said. Why are larger teeth like molars or canines darker than other teeth? Easy! This is due to a larger bulk of dentin revealing through the enamel. Likewise, women’ teeth are rather whiter than those of males. This is since they are smaller sized and for this reason have less dentin.

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