How to Remineralize Teeth
Remineralize Your Teeth
Minerals such as calcium and phosphate help comprise tooth enamel, along with bone and dentin. They also prevent dental caries and subsequent cavities.
How to Fix an Underbite
Underbite Correction How to Fix It
Underbite correction in kids is called interceptive orthodontics, and it can begin as early as age 6 or 7. At this age, teeth are still establishing and
Thumb Sucking Guard
thumb-sucking hand guard
Sometimes parents should take extra care for kid’s teeth. Thumb-cucking guard helps to prevent baby’s bad habit continues. Take great care
Teeth Color Chart
Teeth Shades and Color Chart
We’ve seen lots of patients requesting the lightest teeth possible when they pertain to our practice for teeth whitening, so we believed we write
Tooth Space Maintainer
Tooth Space Maintainers What You Should to Know
Sometimes childen require Tooth space maintainer to correct their teeth. Orthodontic treatment in kids is called interceptive orthodontics, and it can
What Does Fluoride Do for Your Teeth
Fluoride and Your Teeth
Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in all water sources, consisting of the oceans. Research has shown that fluoride not only minimizes cavities
Types and Costs of Dental Crowns
Common Types Of Dental Crowns
Bridges and crowns are fixed prosthetic devices that are sealed onto existing teeth or implants by a dental professional or prosthodontist.
How to Fix a Chipped Tooth
How to Fix a Chipped Tooth
Chipped tooth can arise from a range of events — using your teeth to open bundles (something you must never ever do) or even eating foods that are
Retainers For Teeth
Usage of Retainers For Teeth
When your doctor says that you need retainer for teeth – the first question is: “What is it?” Braces produce a beautiful smile, but the
Dental Implants
What Are Dentistry Implants
Dental implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone underneath your gums. As soon as in location, they enable your
Orthodontic Braces Procedure
Braces Orthodontic Procedure and Care
Orthodontics is a specialized discipline of dentistry that concentrates on positioning of the teeth and jaws to improve a person’s smile and oral health.
Dental Bridge Repair
Dental Bridge Failure and Repair
Dental bridges can last for decades, but eventually they need repairing or changing. A dental bridge is a set appliance that is put in the mouth when one