Cheapest braces

When choosing a cheap option for dental braces, you may be surprised that in terms of practicality and effectiveness, it will probably be the best option.

How much it costs to put dental braces is largely determined by the material of the system. In dentistry, orthodontists offer:

  • Metal orthodontic braces. The best choice when you want to put in braces inexpensively. Here you can safely call them the cheapest option (but not bad at all!) Metal looks ugly on the teeth, but provides maximum pressure on the abnormal units, which reduces the time of correction. If you want to give your child a quick and inexpensive bite correction, you will need to ask how much metal braces cost.
  • Ceramic braces are white and aesthetic, they blend in with the enamel, but are brittle. Their brittleness obligates the doctor to perform the correction with care, with minimal strain. It prolongs the period of bite correction.
  • Sapphire braces are clear and shiny, almost invisible on the teeth. They are strong, but brittle, so they are inferior to metal. They are suitable for correction of only some bite anomalies. The cost of braces for two jaws will be lower if you choose a combined solution: “sapphires” in the frontal area and metal on the far teeth.

Cheapest braces

How much does it cost to install lingual and vestibular braces?

There is a distinction between orthodontic appliances and how they are attached to the teeth:

  • Lingual braces systems are the most expensive. They are also called invisible. They are placed on the inner surface of the teeth, which is uncomfortable during the adaptation period, but then the teenager or adult patient feels confident in any situation.
  • Vestibular braces are a classic budget option. They are placed on the visible tooth surface. The aesthetic aspect is solved by the selection of material or decorating the orthodontic appliance with colored ligatures.

When choosing a design, it is also worth keeping in mind the duration of correction. Lingual braces move teeth especially slowly, which lengthens the treatment period and involuntarily increases the total cost of correcting children’s teeth.


Of course, even metal braces that you decide to install at the nearest clinic will not cost a little. However, this is only because the braces themselves are expensive. The advantage of choosing the cheapest, i.e. metal braces is that you will achieve the desired result faster and you will eventually remove them sooner.

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