The dentist did not place the pin correctly. What should I do?

Question: A month ago I had 2 zirconia crowns on pins, everything was normal, but yesterday on the gum near one tooth there was a thickening, soft, like a ball, does not hurt. I called the doctor said to take a picture and come to him he will look. with the scan came to the consultation, he did not explain anything to me, he suggested that I scratched the gum brush or something solid was eaten. I am not a doctor, but the scan confuses me, the pin is not placed in the root canal, but past it! The doctor did not say anything about it…he was silent. I consulted with another doctor, he said that indeed the pin is installed outside the tooth! And such a tooth must be removed with bone augmentation, and then implantation. I called the doctor who did me a tooth, I said how come you did not tell me that the post is outside the tooth, he began to say it happens, come on, I will remove the post and redo! Please tell me what to do in this situation? The doctor does not want to redo, I’m afraid he will make it even worse! How can I demand compensation for his mistake? After all, the spent money, and not small. And is there any chance to save this tooth? Or definitely an extraction?

Answer: In your case with regard to the retreatment of the tooth if there is a so-called perforation and the integrity of the tooth is broken it makes no sense to treat it as the tooth has already had a connection with the oral cavity and there will always be inflammation, which will ultimately lead to its removal, you will only spend more money and in the meantime inflammation can destroy the bone.

What about material and moral compensation, we have no right to give advice, it is a consultation with lawyers.

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