Back Tooth Fell Out

Back Tooth Fell Out

The fall of a healthy tooth is extremely rare. Usually it is a consequence of gum disease or weakness of the entire body as a whole. It can also happen after a strong physical impact (for example, fall or get hit in the tooth area.)


There are many reasons your back tooth may have fallen off, and losing permanent teeth in adults is more common than you might believe. More than 178 million individuals in the United States are missing at least one tooth.

Poor Periodontal Care
The top reason that most adult teeth fall off is because of poor gum care. When bacteria gets under the gum line, the infection can end up being so serious that it can separate the back tooth from the gums. The tooth will then become unsteady, and ultimately fall or need to be gotten rid of by a dental expert.

Trauma To The Tooth
Another common reason is due to injuries or impact on the tooth. This can lead to the tooth loosening or falling out. Sports injuries, automobile accidents, or any direct injury to the mouth area, can cause a tooth to fall off.

Substantial Tooth Decay
Fillings, crowns, and other oral procedures can fix damaged teeth, but when these issues are not corrected if left neglected. The tooth will ultimately decay and ruin its own structure till it can’t any longer remain connected.

Oral Cancer and Diseases
When issues are left neglected for a truly long period of time, certain illnesses can begin to interrupt your teeth or the bone structure in your mouth. Resulting in the loss of adult teeth.

What To Do

In case something like this happens, you need to contact your dentist right away. They will be geared up with the right tools to re-implant the lost tooth. Remember, a lost tooth is thought about a dental emergency that needs immediate attention. So, if a tooth falls off, you ought to:

  • Find the tooth or crown that has fallen off. Do not touch the root of the tooth.
  • If required, rinse the tooth with saliva or milk. Do not use any detergent as this can mess up the tooth and cause pain.
  • Store the tooth in the empty socket, or back in your mouth, if possible. The saliva will help improve your chances of the tooth being effectively re-implanted.
  • If you can not put the tooth back in your mouth, store it in milk, not water. Water will not preserve the tooth well.
  • You will only have about an hour to be able to re-implant a tooth successfully. So, do not take your time with this.

Replacing A Missing Tooth

If your back tooth is unable to be re-implanted, it is very essential that you still change your missing out on tooth. In addition to enhancing your smile, prosthetics can protect you from gum disease, additional decay, or bone loss in the jaw — which will make it much harder to restore the mouth later.

3 methods of dental procedures to change a missing out on tooth are:

  • Dental bridge is a type of prosthetic that consists of 2 dental crowns that fit around the adjacent teeth, with an artificial tooth filling the gap.
  • Dental implants are ending up being a popular oral option for numerous adults and teens. An oral implant is a replacement tooth developed around a titanium root, implanted into the jawbone. This is the most sensible and long-term solution to a missing out on tooth.
  • A partial denture is another choice to a missing out on tooth. A replacement tooth is fitted into a metal structure that will click into place utilizing clasps around other teeth.

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