What is the best toothpaste to use for a child of 10 years old?

Question: Please advise which toothpaste is best for a child of 10 years old? He doesn’t like brushing, like many kids, and doesn’t do it too thoroughly, so I have high hopes for the power of the product). The main problem is heavy plaque and white spots on the enamel. Thank you!

Answer: First of all, I recommend that you try using special plaque-indicating products. They stain the plaque, which allows you to assess the effectiveness of brushing, and the process of applying these products is usually fascinating for the child. The plaque indicator rinse miradent Plaque Agent is designed specifically for children, has a pleasant taste and stains teeth completely blue so that the child brushes off all the dye without missing a single spot. White stains on enamel can have many causes, but one of them is early stage caries (white stain). At this stage, it can be eliminated by carefully removing plaque and using remineralizing toothpastes. Pay attention to pastes with hydroxyapatite in the composition – Burt’s Bees Kids, Kid’s Crest Cavity Protection Bubblegum Flavor (items available on Amazon.) They show the greatest effectiveness in restoring the enamel. It will not be superfluous to use remineralizing gels after brushing teeth, for example, GC Tooth Mousse or R.O.C.S. Medical Minerals. They will enhance the effect of the toothpaste. I also recommend considering CURAPROX Be You toothpastes. They are suitable for use from the age of 3 years, they contain two remineralizing agents – hydroxyapatite and sodium monofluorophosphate, the line is presented in unusual fruit flavors, and these pastes have a brightening effect, but do not injure enamel.

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