Do I need a pre-operative evaluation to know how many implants to place?

There is always a preliminary check-up before implantation. Surgery is planned only after an in-depth radiological examination of the jaws and teeth, and above all in the areas where implants are supposed to be placed. Diagnostic jaw models are studied. Depending on the localization of the defect, the shape of the bite, the structure and amount of bone, the doctor chooses the type of implant, the method of its installation, and develops the tactics for surgical and orthopedic treatment. At this stage, the number of implants needed for a full-fledged prosthetic treatment is determined. The number of implants depends on the number of lost teeth, the area of the jaw where they were placed, and the amount of bone at the intended place of the implant. In addition, as before any surgical procedures, blood tests must be performed.

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