Is it better to put a crown or a filling on a tooth?

Question: My husband thinks it’s better to put another filling on the tooth than to cover it with a crown, because the tooth will deteriorate faster under it. Are his concerns justified? Please give me an explanation on this topic.

Answer: The tooth under the crown will not decay because it is sealed with a biologically inert material on all sides and a good dental cement will provide a seal for years to come! If you decide for yourself – crown or filling, you need to pay attention to the condition of the tooth. If the tooth is severely damaged, and even more so if the nerve of the tooth is removed, ie, depulpated, no modern filling will not restore the integrity of the tooth and hermetic sealing. As a result of changes in the volume of the filling, decay will develop at the junction of the filling material and tooth tissue, and the tooth will continue to decay. If the tooth is not severely decayed and the tooth nerve is not removed, then a modern filling material can provide sufficient sealant and restore the anatomical shape. Such a tooth will function, you will be able to chew any food easily.

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