Implants instead of wisdom teeth – is it worth it?

When removing a problematic wisdom tooth, some patients wish to replace it with an implant tooth. This idea is quite common. How justified is such a replacement?
Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth are molar teeth that have evolved in the human body. They are the last to emerge and last in position in the tooth row, which is why they are only remembered when there is discomfort – pain and discomfort when eating. These days, dentists are convinced that a person can safely do without wisdom teeth.

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When is a wisdom tooth worth keeping?

When wisdom teeth erupt unproblematically, and such cases are not uncommon, patients are not advised to leave them behind. There are several reasons for this: first, the distant location of the wisdom tooth makes it difficult to clean, so cavities often become infected with tooth decay and other kinds of infection, and second, improper tooth growth or its further self-destruction can lead to costly treatment. Neither the first option, nor the second, is worth your time and money, so when the first discomfort appears, it is best to see a dentist to have your wisdom teeth removed.

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When to have implants done

There are several indications and contraindications to implants. The latter usually include not needing an implant when a wisdom tooth is removed. There are several reasons for this:

  • unnecessary financial costs;
  • Difficulties of rehabilitation – during the implantation, you will need to follow a special regime and monitor the condition of the implanted teeth;
  • a high risk of disease – the environment of the 3rd molars, even with implants, remains the most optimal for the accumulation of bacteria and viruses;
  • The possibility of complications – in some cases, the implants do not engraft, which may require further reinstallation.

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If you can not decide whether to put an implant instead of wisdom teeth, the answer is no. Any manipulation, with the exception of extraction, can be called useless, because over time, the teeth still require treatment, most often surgery. To avoid wasting money, it’s better to get rid of unwanted teeth, entrusting the work to qualified specialists. So you can save your natural beauty of teeth and avoid the following consequences: the development of tooth decay, which often spreads from the wisdom to the adjacent teeth; difficulties in cleaning the mouth.

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