If your doctor removes a baby tooth, won’t the permanent tooth immediately erupt in its place?

Answer: A permanent tooth will erupt when its time comes. Nature has set a strictly defined time for each tooth to emerge in the mouth. Removal of the milk tooth predecessor may only slightly accelerate the process.

If a baby tooth is not treated in time and has to be extracted, you should definitely consult with an orthodontist. The way our body is built, that very quickly this cavity, which was formed after removal of a tooth, will be closed by the movement of neighboring teeth, and the future permanent tooth will simply have no room in the dentition. If after the removal of a baby tooth before the eruption of a permanent tooth is 1 year or more away, a plastic tooth on a plate or a half-crown on the adjacent tooth with a special spring is produced, which will save room for a permanent tooth. This is a child’s preventive denture.

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