How can you relieve toothache during pregnancy?

Question: I am three months pregnant. My tooth hurts a lot. What is the right way to get rid of this pain and do I have to go to the dentist?

Answer: First of all, when treating pregnant women, it is important to remember that the well-being and comfort of the child directly depends on the well-being and comfort of its mother, so a pregnant woman at any term should not be denied dental treatment. Moreover, it is by no means necessary to tolerate toothache, as it not only creates strong discomfort for both the expectant mother and the fetus, but can also have more serious consequences in the form of serious infections!

If the condition of a pregnant woman is not urgent (only your dentist or, better yet, a dentist who specializes in pregnancy care can evaluate this), it is not worth carrying out interventions that require pain relief or other medications in the early stages of pregnancy (up to 14 weeks). This is when all the organs and systems of the baby’s body are laid.

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In case of an emergency, the dentist, after having taken a detailed anamnesis of the pregnant woman and assessing the current situation, will individually select the method of anesthesia. Remember, it is best to avoid emergencies and visit the dentist for check-ups and hygiene in a timely manner (even during pregnancy).

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