What Foods and Drinks Stain Your Teeth

What Drinks and Foods Stain Your Teeth the Most

Some foods and beverages are best prevented if you wish to keep your pearly whites bright and gleaming. Why do some foods promote discolorations? What do they consist of that cause stained teeth? How do these chemicals react with other compounds when we eat?

List of Drinks and Foods Stain Your Teeth

Preserving a brilliant smile can be challenging because our tooth enamel is permeable, which makes it prone to spots. Specific foods and beverages will discolor our teeth due to their coloring and/or level of level of acidity.

Acidy foods and drinks use the enamel down and softens it so that it ends up being even more susceptible to staining. The color in different drinks and some foods include chromogens or pigmented particles which stick to the enamel of our teeth.

If you would like to protect your smile from staining, it’s a smart idea to avoid specific types of food and drinks that are most likely to stain your teeth, such as the following:

Pasta Sauce

Since of their level of acidity, intense red color and tendency to cling to the teeth, the tomatoes in pasta sauce can leave your teeth susceptible to staining. Dine on some dark green veggies, such as broccoli, kale and spinach, ahead of time to create a protective movie over the teeth. The movie will fend off tomatoes’ staining result, so spring for a green salad as an appetizer.


Curry, a spice that works well in Indian food and unique dishes, is also a cause of tarnished teeth. Its deep pigmentation can yellow teeth in time. Due to its high staining factor, curry is something you may want to restrict in your diet. Whenever you dine on curry-spiced food, mix in fresh vegetables and fruits that prevent stains, such as apples, carrots, cauliflower and celery.

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is a healthy salad dressing, however it can likewise darken your teeth. The factor? Its dark natural color, obviously. It also adheres to your teeth, which can lead to staining if it’s not rapidly brushed away. You do not have to give up on this light salad dressing. Whenever you have a salad with balsamic vinegar, make certain to include a crunchy lettuce; chewing the lettuce will assist clean the staining balsamic vinegar from your teeth as you eat.


Berries offer health advantages, such as antioxidants, however they likewise have the prospective to stain your teeth. The deep color in blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and blackberries in particular can cause staining, no matter whether they are eaten whole, drunk as juice or processed as jelly and jam. Do not let them stick around in your mouth for too long, and drink water to fight their staining result. Complete with a glass of milk or a serving of difficult cheese, both of which reduce the effects of acid and strengthen teeth.

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A number of various beverages, consisting of coffee, tea, sodas, sports beverages, can cause discolorations due to their level of acidity. Teas of all colors, even white tea, have actually been revealed to stain teeth and erode enamel. Sports drinks likewise harm tooth enamel and discolor teeth. Both light and dark sodas, due to the fact that of their level of acidity, likewise cause discoloration and even motivate more staining from foods. We will not describe alcohol beverages which cause teeth stains because UTOdent.com strongly recommends quite alcohol anyway.

Using a whitening toothpaste or mouthwash, trying bleaching pens, strips or trays are all good ways to supplement your regular oral health routines

Treating and Caring Delicate Teeth After Teeth Whitening

In some cases after whitening treatments, teeth can be sensitive. If this happens you have options to reduce the pain.

  • Use a sensitivity toothpaste: sensitive toothpastes are developed with ingredients such as potassium nitrate to alleviate the pain associated with tooth level of sensitivity
  • Chew gum: scientists have discovered that more saliva is produced when chewing gum. And the act of chewing might distract individuals from the pain.
  • Avoid bleaching for a while: give your teeth a break and stop using bleaching items.

Correct oral hygiene is naturally vital for preserving an intense smile, but there is another important little bit of suggestions: View what you consume. Certain foods and drinks can tarnish teeth. If you wish to secure your teeths, keep reading for some common offenders that stain your teeth.

A healthy diet and a change of routines can avoid tooth discolorations and maintain your pristine smile. Enjoy your favorite foods, however use care. Small amounts is essential when it pertains to foods and beverages that blemish your teeth. If you choose water over other drinks, and if you make sure to wash your mouth with water and brush your teeth within a half hour of eating, you can substantially improve your smile. Remain on top of your brushing and flossing, too. Flossing helps eliminate the pesky plaque that develops between teeth and the gum line and attracts stains. Brushing removes food particles prior to they have the chance to cause a stain. Use stain-removing toothpaste, or inquire with your dental practitioner about available professional tooth whitening choices.

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