Why Are My Teeth Getting Darker?

Healthy teeth should not only be strong, but also have a healthy appearance. If your tooth enamel begins to darken, it’s time to look for the cause of the problem and try to get rid of it.

The shape of the teeth, their color, which depends on the tone of the enamel, and the condition of the dentin create the external appeal (see more about teeth coloring chart.) People often have an aesthetic defect in the form of deterioration of tooth enamel shade. This begs the question, why are the teeth darker, what is the cause of these changes, and how can they be prevented?

Causes of Darkening of Enamel

As we age, there are changes in the color of enamel. It slowly and slightly darkens. This result of plaque formation or changes in the structure of the tooth is normal. The process should be no cause for concern and is addressed by aesthetic stomatology.

teeth darker than before

All other cases of darkening or staining of the teeth must be diagnosed by a doctor. A specialist finds the cause of this manifestation and looks for a method of eliminating it.

Causes for which the teeth darken and stains appear can be internal or external.

Changes the color of enamel due to the impact of dyes or coloring compounds, and it is not the enamel itself that is stained, but the plaque. Wine, coffee, cigarette smoke, tea and some fruits and vegetables have a great influence on the color of enamel. Some herbs, spices and vegetables can make the plaque darker. This is because they contain chemicals that affect the color of plaque and tartar.

In a special category are allocated deterioration of the color of enamel, which is indirect. This darkening of the teeth is caused by colorless compounds, which react to produce a hue. Antiseptics, cationic rinses, and metal salt additives can darken enamel.

Aesthetic dentistry can provide a solution to the problem of darkened enamel caused by external factors.

More serious is the situation of the appearance of darkening and stains of internal etiology: dental diseases, systemic disorders in the body, the general effects of certain factors. Hereditary signs of the formation of the enamel coating, metabolism, the constant taking of drugs after an injury are also not excluded.

What Should I Do if My Teeth Turn Black?

If the cause is age-related tarnishing of several tones, then you can get rid of it by resorting to aesthetic procedures, namely teeth whitening.

Smoking, excessive consumption of black tea and coffee, and poor maintenance are all factors that contribute to the appearance of dark plaque. It is eliminated by professional hygienic brushing and whitening. It is also recommended to stop smoking, drinking staining drinks and rinsing.

Poor dental health is manifested by the formation of plaque with shades of yellow to dark brown. To get rid of this scourge, you should have the stones removed, hygienic brushing, flossing and 3 times a week irrigator in your daily care.

Often darkening stains on the tooth surface indicate the initial form of tooth decay.

It is important to remember that if you want to know why your teeth darken and prevent the consequences, make it a habit to visit your dentist regularly, who will be able to find a solution to eliminate the darkening of the enamel.

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