Causes of Burning Tongue

Burning Tongue Causes and Treatment

Does your tongue seem like it has just been scalded by hot coffee? Burning tongue may happen after dental work (like tooth extraction or wisdom tooth extraction, root canal), taking antibiotics, after surgery, eating pineapple, ice cream, kiwi, other fruits, eggplant, being sick,  tonsillectomy, etc.

You might have what is referred to as burning mouth syndrome (in some cases referred to as burning tongue syndrome). There are several burning tongue causes for burning mouth or burning tongue, and frequently people can experience more than one at a time. The factor behind the painful, burning sensations of the tongue, gums, taste buds and other areas of the mouth can be challenging to determine. Make a visit with your dentist or doctor to inquire what may be the perpetrator of your burning pain and how it can be remedied. The following are some of the small causes of burning mouth syndrome (also described as burning tongue syndrome) that you can go over with your dental expert or doctor.

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Dry Mouth

When your mouth does not have enough saliva to remain damp, you get that dry, sticky sensation called dry mouth. This is another oral condition that can be triggered by various factors, such as diseases that affect the salivary glands, some medications or natural hormone modifications. Chronic dryness can add to a burning sensation or discomfort in your mouth. Your dental professional may advise keeping your mouth moist by consuming more water and sucking on sugarless sweet or chewing sugarless gum. Utilizing a saliva replacement will likewise combat the dryness and keep your mouth healthy.

Nutritional Deficiencies

A shortage of some crucial nutrients can also give the burning feeling in your mouth. Deficiencies of B vitamins and minerals including iron and zinc can contribute to burning tongue syndrome by affecting the health of your oral tissues. Ensure you are eating a healthy diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, dairy, nuts, seeds and healthy proteins. Speak with your doctor before taking nutritional supplements.

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Mouth Inflammation

Drinking a lot of annoying beverages, overbrushing your tongue, and overusing your mouthwash can aggravate mouth tissues. If you are experiencing a burning experience in your mouth, attempt to drink fewer or less acidic beverages. Speak with your dental practitioner about your oral hygiene habits to identify whether they could be triggering some of the irritation.

Medication Side Effects

One of the possible burning tongue causes is the use of particular medications. Some drugs might cause pain and dryness of the mouth. Notify your doctor if you are having side effects due to medications you are taking.

Oral Conditions

The burning can also be triggered by another oral health condition, such as oral thrush (a fungal infection in the mouth) or geographic tongue (tongue has a map-like appearance on its surface). Your dental professional can diagnose and supply alternatives to reduce the pain and discomfort.

While a few of the possible causes of burning tongue are simple to recognize, others are not so apparent. Hormone imbalances, nerve damage and allergies are simply a few of the medical problems that can cause this condition. Take good care of your oral and total health with good oral hygiene habits, a healthy diet and regular dental visits. Speak about your symptoms with your dental practitioner, and find out if you have to see your doctor for more screening and diagnosis.

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