Why You Have Yellow Teeth

Yellow Teeth

Impressed with a whiter smile, people wonder why their teeth are so yellow and how to get brighter smile.

Yellow teeth are the very problem in the field of dentistry that adults face very often. But, you should know that the possibility of having naturally white teeth is zero. The shade of skin, hair, eyes and teeth is shaped from the time your baby is born, and you have to accept that as a fact.

Most of us think of our smile as being white from birth. But if you ask your dentist what shade healthy enamel should be, he will answer quite unexpectedly for our understanding – yellowish. And that’s the truth.

Naturally Yellow Teeth Are an Indicator of a Healthy Body

In truth, tooth enamel is almost entirely translucent. A slight tinge of yellow is added by minerals that reinforce its structure and give strength to the teeth. Dentin is the element underneath the enamel that sets the tone of your smile. Dentin is not naturally white because it, too, contains minerals. And the natural yellow hue of tooth enamel can tell you that:

  • A person has healthy teeth that won’t have any problems for a long time due to the high mineralization that resists the occurrence of tooth decay;
  • Enamel is endowed with a lot of minerals and is therefore strong and becomes an excellent protection for the teeth. But completely white teeth that have a slight matte appearance can tell that the enamel does not have enough minerals. And this increases the risk of tooth sensitivity and tooth decay;
  • Teeth have an individual structure, and this completely eliminates the similarity of their shades. And because of this, those who monitor the health of the mouth often wonder why canines have a more yellow shade than the rest of the teeth. It’s because canines are the stronger teeth that contain the largest proportion of dentin, which is responsible for the characteristic color.
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Therefore, if a person has a naturally yellow shade of teeth, he can be sure that they are completely healthy. But, in case more intense plaque has appeared that has not been seen before, it is a reason to make an appointment with a specialist.

Causes of Yellow Staining on Enamel

When evaluating patients’ oral health, dentists have identified the following primary circumstances that contribute to yellowing of the tooth enamel:

  • Smoking;
  • Food that contains high levels of sugar, which in turn affects positively the increase in the number of bacteria. The products of their metabolism have a detrimental effect on enamel, the upper layer of which begins to thin and acquire a transparent color;
  • Regular consumption of beverages that contain persistent food colorings;
  • Age may also be an unavoidable factor, due to which yellowing of the enamel may occur;
  • Heredity.

In the event that even just one tooth turns yellow, it is necessary to contact a specialist, because it can be a symptom of a very complicated disease in the field of dentistry. Without an examination procedure, it is impossible to determine the exact cause of the darkened teeth. Cavities and a poor quality crown can cause similar results.

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There are substances in cigarette smoke that tend to accumulate and contribute to the darkening of teeth.

Food colorings
Coca-Cola, coffee, tea and many other drinks that contain saturated colorants stain tooth enamel. The substances in these beverages tend to get into the pores of the enamel and leave a dark tint in them. Tooth enamel will have a brown tinge if these drinks are consumed consistently.

Teeth begin to darken quite quickly if you often eat foods that contain a lot of sugar. The mouth is filled with a variety of bacteria that destroy active carbohydrates from food and form acid. This acid tends to attack the tooth enamel negatively, eating it away and thinning it.

Aging affects your teeth as well. Even if you do not have bad habits and do not drink beverages with persistent dyes, over the years the enamel can become thinner and turn yellow.

Poor oral hygiene
Poor oral hygiene can contribute to a yellow staining of the teeth. This can be caused by not doing enough housework every day, swapping toothbrushes for chewing gum, and using the wrong toothpaste.

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Heredity can also have a significant impact on tooth shade. For example, if your baby’s father and mother have yellow teeth, there is a good chance that your child will have similarly colored enamel.

Why Do Children’s Teeth Become Yellow?

There are times when a child’s teeth turn yellow all at once. It is most likely that this color is hereditary, so you should not be alarmed, but to contact a specialist with this issue will not be superfluous. It is necessary to know that there are quite serious factors that affect the yellowing of the child’s teeth, but this danger threatens only older children.The most common cause of yellow plaque on children’s teeth is neglect or insufficient attention that has been paid to brushing the mouth.

Teeth Whitening

Thanks to innovations in modern dentistry, people can have their teeth whitened at different levels of difficulty. This procedure will not cause the patient any pain and will be quick enough.

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