What Are Dentures Made of?

What Materials Are Dentures Made of?

In this article you will learn what materials are used to make dentures, their advantages and disadvantages.

Sooner or later almost everyone faces such a problem as the loss or need to remove one or more teeth. The reasons for this can be different: injuries, bleeding gums, pain. But missing teeth are not very aesthetically pleasing and can cause a person a lot of discomfort. So what if the tooth has fallen out for one reason or another? Dentures can help.

What are Dentures?

They are a kind of dental restorations that are used in dentistry and replace a person’s own teeth. They come in two varieties: removable and fixed. The name “removable” speaks for itself: such dentures are removed from the mouth to clean and remove food debris. It is quite convenient, but at the same time, this feature can be considered a disadvantage, because for some people the need to clean dentures every day can be tedious. That is why many people resort to the use of fixed dentures. These include:

  • Veneers, used for the most part to correct aesthetic imperfections in the teeth.
  • Crowns that are placed on the tooth to prevent further decay.
  • Bridges – Several connected crowns that are placed when two or more teeth are missing.
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Teeth perform a number of very important tasks. Besides the obvious chewing function, without which people wouldn’t be able to chew their food the way they need to for proper digestion and proper functioning of the digestive system, they have an esthetic function. A person feels much more confident in dealing with others when he or she has healthy teeth and a beautiful, attractive smile. So if you have any problems with your teeth, treatment should not be delayed. And the right dentures can help you restore an attractive smile.

So what should we do to find dentures that will fully meet our needs and are comfortable and safe? The first step is to know what materials are used to make quality products.

What Materials Are Dentures Made of?

In today’s world, quite a few materials are used to make these dental products:

  • Nylon;
  • Ceramic and metal-ceramic;
  • surgical steel;
  • plastic
  • titanium;
  • gold;
  • acrylic resin.

It is worth detailing each of them separately:


This material is very easy to install, in addition, it does not cause allergic reactions. However, nylon is able to have a significant impact on the bone tissue, which can atrophy under the product of this material. Nylon dentures also tend to chafe the gums.

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Ceramic and Ceramic Metal

In metal-ceramic restorations, the base is metal. It is made of alloys of gold and platinum or gold and palladium, chromium and cobalt or chromium and nickel. A ceramic mixture of the same color as the patient’s own teeth is applied to it. The base of the second type of crown is pressed glass-ceramic with an admixture of leucite crystals. This material is completely hypoallergenic and durable.

Surgical steel

It is currently the most advanced type of dental prosthesis. They do not require a lot of space (they are attached to one or two teeth on either side of the affected tooth), the material does not cause allergies. They are used in cases where the patient is contraindicated to have a bridge.


Products made of it are used mainly in cases where a person for one reason or another has lost all his teeth. For their manufacture, acrylic is used. It is possible to choose such a color of this material, which would not differ at all from the shade of the patient’s teeth. The denture post is fitted into the roots or molars, which ensures that it is securely fixed. Acrylic is easy to care for.

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Dentures made of this material are absolutely compatible with the oral cavity, do not cause discomfort or gag reflexes. They are lightweight and yet very durable.


Today, such crowns are not particularly popular. They are more characteristic of the heroes of films about the mafia or brave pirates. But in rare cases (for example, when allergic to other types of materials or various oral diseases), gold crowns are used.

Acrylic resin

Prostheses made of it are installed mainly in young children. They are durable, do not cause discomfort due to the tight fit to the gums. During chewing, the load is distributed evenly on the healthy teeth and the denture.


Materials can vary greatly in cost and quality. Traditionally, the cheapest dentures are made of plastic and the most expensive are made of gold. In order to find the right type of prosthesis, you need to talk to your orthodontist. A quality product tailored to the patient’s needs will not only correct defects and bite problems, but will also restore a beautiful smile and the pleasure of eating good food.

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