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Our teeth need vitamins and minerals as much as many organs of the body. After all, in order for teeth to be strong and healthy enough, they must have an overall oral health, healthy gums, right nutrition with vitamins and minerals.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Strong Teeth

Proper nutrition is helpful for your entire body, including your teeth and gums. By consuming the right vitamins through food or supplements, you can help protect your oral health. Here are 5 essential vitamins for teeth and gum health.

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a big role in keeping your teeth healthy. This micronutrient informs your intestines to soak up the calcium you’ve consumed and move it into your blood stream. Delta Dental discusses that without adequate vitamin D, your body will leach calcium out of your bones.

Some foods are fortified with vitamin D. Milk, breakfast cereals and other foods may have this vitamin included. Examine the nutrition identifies to discover if your preferred foods supply vitamin D.

2. Vitamin C

While many vitamins are good for your teeth, others, like vitamin C, benefit your gums. According to the Mayo Clinic, vitamin C is needed for the formation of blood vessels and other crucial tissues that support your teeth. The nutrient is likewise essential for recovery. When individuals have serious vitamin C deficiencies, they can experience bleeding gums. That’s how essential vitamin C is to your gum health.

Citrus fruits, berries, Brussels sprouts, spinach and other fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C.


3. Vitamin A

You might have heard that vitamin A benefits your eyes, but it’s also fantastic for your mouth, discusses the NIH. It helps form and preserve tissues like teeth and mucus membranes.

This essential vitamin is found in two types: preformed vitamin A and provitamin A. The former is discovered in meat, poultry, dairy and other animal products. Provitamin A is found in fruits and vegetables and is converted into the active form of vitamin A by your body.

4. Calcium

Calcium isn’t just helpful for your bones, it benefits your teeth, too. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) describes that calcium helps form and keep healthy teeth.

Dairy items like milk and yogurt have a kind of calcium that’s easy for your body to take in. Canned salmon and sardines with bones are likewise good sources. Vegan alternatives consist of green leafy vegetables, blackstrap molasses and fortified cereals.

5. Phosphorus

Phosphorous is another crucial vitamin for healthy teeth. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that besides calcium, you have more of phosphorous than any other mineral in the body, and the majority of it is in your teeth. It’s essential in the maintenance and repair of all the body’s tissues. When it pertains to your mouth, phosphorus deals with calcium to keep your teeth strong.

Phosphorous exists in lots of protein-rich foods, like meats, eggs, nuts, vegetables and dairy. It can also be discovered in whole grains, dried fruit and even carbonated beverages. The majority of people get enough of this vitamin in their routine diet without the requirement for supplementation.


Best Supplements for Stronger Teeth in Adults

Although a healthy and healthy diet is generally sufficient to get the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals for the body, not everyone is able to follow a proper diet. Vitamin supplements can help maintain balance and compensate for possible deficiencies in minerals and vitamins that help keep your teeth strong and healthy. For an adult (over 15 years old) , we offer the following vitamin supplements available on Amazon (these are affiliate links that lead directly to the product page):

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Best Supplement for Kids Teeth

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Teeth require constant care. If you clean your teeth properly, consume the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, and take care of your oral health, this will be the best way to keep your teeth strong at any age.

If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission.

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