I have a toothache after a nerve extraction when I drink or eat something hot

Question: I really need your help! I’m from Tulsa, I had a nerve extraction in my top 6 tooth on the right side in March. The tooth did not bother me, but at the end of May I began to feel an unpleasant pain in that tooth when I drink or eat something hot. I only have this reaction to hot things. I have been to the dentist, I had 2 blocks, but the tooth still bothers me. I’m afraid to go to the dentist again because if he wants to redo his work It will cost me a lot of money. I ask for your advice on this situation!

Answer: In your case the cause of this painful symptomatology can be the untreated fourth root canal. You need to see how many root canals the doctor has treated, if you do not have this information then ask your doctor if she didn’t treat the fourth extra canal then you have to treat it and the painful symptoms disappear. If all is treated, then you need to look at how these canals are filled and to the top of them. If everything is normal here, then look in the mouth and on the X-ray of the neighboring teeth.

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