Tooth began to hurt when chewing / biting and my gum swelled

Question: I have been treating a tooth for over 2 months. Came to put a filling, then the tooth began to hurt when chewing / biting, then it was opened washed, the gum at the top hurt, then swollen cheek. Had a drain put in, taking antibiotic. The drainage is on day 6 the swelling has gone down the cheek and is still there. How long will it go down, the tooth has not been closed yet. What to do?

Answer: You need to re-visit the doctor to make a picture of the tooth in order to determine the cause of the process, if the picture shows an inflammatory process behind the root tips then you need to spend quality endodontic treatment followed by closing the tooth with a temporary filling. Also, if there is already swelling, in parallel with the drainage, the doctor should have prescribed medication that would have helped to improve it. We recommend that you see the doctor again.

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