Does Teeth Whitening Tray Really Work?

Does Teeth Whitening Tray Really Work

All of our custom-fit dental teeth whitening trays are handmade by knowledgeable technicians using a precise reproduction of your dental portfolio, drawn from our user friendly self-impression system. Created from a soft product, these versatile teeth whitening trays are incredibly comfy to use and when used with our whitening gel products are ensured to whiten your teeth. Thanks to our direct rates they will keep you smiling for a long period of time to come.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening Tray

Goldilocks Loves Home Teeth Whitening Trays

Here’s a story to assist you value the benefits of Home Teeth Whitening Trays …

  • Are home teeth bleaching trays “perfect” for you?
  • Remember Goldilocks and the 3 Bears?

Goldilocks discovered that by being in each chair, tasting from each bowl of porridge, and resting in each bed, she discovered that in each case, Baby Bear’s size and portion was “just right” for her.

As a Toronto Teeth Whitening Dental expert, I’m like Goldilocks in that I discover that of the 3 main choices for Teeth Whitening, one’s too hot, one’s too cold, and one’s perfect.

Laser Whitening is too hot. It’s fast aggressive and that can create additional pain on top of the extra cost. Some individuals do not mind the heat and want it additional quick.

Whitening Strips are too cold. They slow, excessive difficulty and annoying to your gums. It’s less expensive, however you can anticipate additional hassle and more pain. Some people have the perseverance to pull this off, but most find they don’t get the best teeth bleaching results with strips.

Whitening Toothpaste does more harm than great, so it doesn’t even qualify amongst the 3 choices.

For a great deal of people, the Custom Whitening Trays are “just right” when it concerns lighten your teeth.

It boils down to speed, comfort and cost. The speed is reasonable and any sensitivity can easily be handled. The cost is also affordable, since you’re doing most of the work yourself.

Bleaching Trays Deliver Best Teeth Whitening Results

As far as outcomes, I believe Custom Whitening Trays consistently provide the BEST results.

Why? With the advantages of convenient delivery, sensible pace and ability to manage level of sensitivity, individuals are willing to complete the process.

I cannot tell you how many times I see individuals abandon the Whitening Strips due to the fact that they’re too slow and too fussy. Quickly half the Teeth Whitening cases we do are for individuals who attempted Bleaching Strips and got dissuaded by the slow modifications and sore gums.

Laser Teeth Whitening works rapidly, however you still require the Take-Home System with the custom-made trays to even out the irregular outcomes you’ll obtain from one laser session in the chair.

If cash is no things and you can pony up for more Laser Whitening sessions in the chair. Personally, I believe you’re better off ending up the job with the Take-Home Teeth Whitening.

How Do Custom Trays Work?

The secret to the Home Teeth Whitening Trays is that your customized trays fit exactly onto your teeth.

These custom trays end up being the “delivery vehicle” for the Teeth Whitening gel to be used to your teeth.

The gel itself is a thick, glue-like Carbamide Peroxide solution that is held suspended versus your teeth by the trays.

You get high concentration and long exposure time. That’s the secret to getting the best teeth whitening outcomes.

If the trays are bad fitting they will not work appropriately. Excessive teeth whitening gel leakages out and excessive saliva leakages in.

As a Toronto Teeth Whitening Dental expert my bottom line mores than happy patients with white smiles, and the last thing I wish to see is poor-fitting trays.

Is Teeth Whitening Gel All the Same?

Be careful about which teeth bleaching gel you choose. There are just a couple of I would ever trust to place on a patient’s teeth.

As a warning, some cheaper items have been discovered to in fact include acidic ingredients that will harm the surface area of your teeth.

I rely on the Nite-White items from Discus. They’re a company out of California that has actually long been a leader in the Teeth Bleaching field.

The current Nite-White teeth whitening gel formula includes a reliable desensitizing agent and ACP (Amorphous Calium Phosphate) to reinforce your teeth instead of damaging them.

Toronto Teeth Whitening Dentist Likes Home Teeth Whitening Trays

I have a lot of experience with Teeth Whitening and I’m a huge supporter of Custom-made Bleaching Trays. Ultimately I want positive outcomes – happy patients with stunning white smiles. Home teeth whitening trays regularly delivers that for my patients.

If you want the best Teeth Whitening results, I extremely advise using teeth whitening gel in custom-made whitening trays.

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