How Can I Prevent My Teeth From Turning Black?

If a tooth turns black in the absence of pain, look for the cause: the health of the teeth, their structure and color are in direct relation to proper nutrition and hygiene. In this article – about the possible causes of discoloration of teeth and ways to overcome such a problem.

Causes for Blackened Teeth

Tooth darkening can look different:

  • If plaque is not removed properly, the color of the teeth looks uneven, darker at the base and lighter towards the edge, the possible causes are abuse of coffee and tea (strong drinks have a powerful staining effect) and smoking. Tea, coffee and nicotine addicts find it very difficult to maintain a snow-white smile; practically they have to choose between beautiful teeth and their established habits.
  • If a pronounced color difference has one or more teeth, we have to talk about poor-quality root canal treatment or the development of secondary caries (after nerve extraction the darkening of the tooth is explained by a lack of nutrition and is natural; the dark rim around the filling is a signal for its immediate replacement due to a breach of the seal). To darken the tooth can also lead to its trauma, causing nerve death or internal bleeding, to restore the whiteness can only be achieved by careful treatment of the root canals, sometimes with intracanal bleaching.

How can I get rid of black teeth

Black plaque is not only a threat to your smile, but also a possible cause of tooth decay. Only regular visits to the dentist will allow you to avoid trouble and keep your teeth healthy and white.

Why Are Children’s Teeth Getting Blacker?

While the darkening of adult tooth enamel can be explained away, the black teeth of a child cause confusion and bewilderment for the parents. In fact, children’s teeth may become darker even with good hygiene and in the absence of chronic diseases.

There are several reasons for the problem, the main one being the wrong amount of sweets in the diet: germs, like people, like sweets, the effect of sweet foods on tooth enamel is negative, associated with the appearance of a dense microbial biofilm. Other common causes:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • calcium deficiency
  • dysbacteriosis
  • early caries

If you notice dark gum lines on your child’s teeth, do not ignore them: the appearance of the so-called Priestly plaque is one of the effects of the digestive system, which self-corrects with age, but it is better to check the diagnosis with your dentist. Dark spots and dots on a baby’s teeth should also be a cause for concern: contrary to the popular belief that baby teeth should not be treated, if they are not adequately treated, permanent teeth are often damaged.

Children’s black teeth – this is an alarming signal that requires immediate preventive check-ups at the dentist, since at an early age all pathologies develop rapidly.

Black Teeth: Treatment Options

What you can do at home

It’s common knowledge that you can make your teeth lighter by quitting smoking and restricting yourself from drinking colorful drinks like strong coffee and tea.

Another obvious requirement is regular brushing with extra oral hygiene products (flossing, rinses, etc.)

You can find many recommendations on the Internet to change the shade of tooth enamel with the help of folk remedies, but do not rely on such solutions, because the real result gives only professional hygiene and whitening. Do not do self-treatment!

If you decide to see a dentist

At the first appointment, give the dentist as much information as possible about your health, lifestyle and unhealthy habits – this will help the dentist to quickly and accurately identify the cause of the pathology.

If the discoloration is due to tooth decay, recent nerve extraction or other dental problems, treatment will be necessary. Today, dentistry fights for every tooth, offering solutions even in seemingly hopeless situations, including dental restoration with crowns or veneers.

The method of treatment is chosen on an individual basis, taking into account the overall condition of the mouth.

Ways to Treat Black Teeth

  • When black streaks or stains appear on your teeth due to improper care, a professional dental hygiene treatment is prescribed. At our clinic you can make an appointment for a “denticure”, your teeth will be free of plaque and your smile will be attractive again
  • If your teeth are blackened due to food colorings, then professional or at-home bleaching, using special pastes and eliminating colorful foods from your daily menu can help.
  • If your teeth are black due to decay, restoration of the tooth is necessary, as well as preventive procedures to strengthen your teeth. No dentist will remove black teeth without understanding the cause

Provide thorough and proper oral care, and you’ll never know what black plaque is. See a dental hygienist to learn how to brush your teeth and choose the right toothbrush and toothpaste.

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