I have crooked teeth on only one jaw, can I wear braces on only one jaw?

Answer: It is true that sometimes braces are only placed on one jaw, but these cases are very few and usually involve adult patients before total prosthetics. This is not the case for people who have teeth on both jaws, because it is not only necessary to align the teeth, but also to put them in the right alignment so that they are not injured or worn out during chewing and articulation. Almost all treatments on just one jaw end in relapse – a return to the original and sometimes worse than before treatment. This happens because the simply aligned teeth on one jaw do not match the uncorrected teeth on the other, but they seek a tight contact for functioning, chewing, and therefore begin to curve under each other again. But a correct, functional bite holds its own, as well as keeps enamel, roots, and gums healthy.

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