Why Do Gums Hurt After Eating Apple?

Why Do Gums Hurt After Eating Apple

This is a common question we get a lot and as it ends up, there are 2 primary reasons eating an apple can harm your gums:

  1. The apple peel on the exterior of the apple is pushing up versus your gums, causing pressure and pain.
  2. You may be allergic to apples (or a chemical sprayed onto the apple).

Let’s take on each one individually to see how to prevent gum pain when eating an apple. We’ll focus on the pain that originates from the apple peel pushing up against your gums because there is little that can be done if you dislike an apple.

How to Prevent Gum Pain from Eating an Apple

  • Cut the apple up into small pieces– instead of biting straight into the apple, sufficed up first so that your gums do not need to press as difficult into the side of the apple into the peel.
  • Think about mushing or blending the apple first– basically this gets rid of any solidity from the apple and is defacto making your own applesauce.
  • Wash the apple with soap and water before consuming– you might dislike a chemical that has actually found it’s way onto the apple instead of the apple itself.
  • Visit your local dental professional to evaluate your gums– it might be that you have delicate gums, Gingivitis, or some kind of periodontal disease that makes your gums swollen, sore, or delicate.

Situation: My bottom gums hurt very bad after I attempted consuming an apple. I think they even bled a little bit. I’ve always been informed I have puffy gums, and I try brushing them, however all these years (Im 20 now) and I still can’t eat an apple without pain! It really hurts for me to take a bite into an apple, it’s just too tough. I mean I can co through with it, but it just hurts excessive to surpass the fulfillment of the taste … What is there to do about this?

Solution: Cut that apple up first into pieces, seems like you’re attempting to eat it whole which causes the apple to press versus your gums. Cut that motha.

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  1. Cecilia G.

    When I was young, I could bite apples without any problems. After 40 years, gradually began to hurt the gums and began to cut apples without fail. I also clean them with a knife from the skin and from the bones.

  2. Norman Davidson

    I used to bite apples and didn’t feel uncomfortable. Then the gums began to hurt and I started cutting apples with a knife. After 70 years, I only eat applesauce. Otherwise my gums won’t hold.

  3. Amanda D.

    There are different varieties of apples. Those who have sore gums after eating apples, I advise you to choose soft varieties. As a rule, these varieties ripen first. And later varieties are strong and difficult to bite.

  4. Donald Duncan

    If the gums are sick, they have wounds or sores, it is best not to eat apples at all. And other fruits too. After all, they contain acid, which causes irritation.

  5. Gerard Bisset

    I used to hate apples cuz they would hurt my gums whenever I ate them but now I actually follow the advice given in this article and it helps. I cut apples in small pieces and eat it without any discomfort 🙂

  6. Xx_JoshTheSlayer_xX

    Honestly, i prefer biting straight into the apple and I’ve never even had such problem, unlike my friend who goes through hell every time he eats an apple. I advised him to go to the dentist and it turned out that he actually had some problems with his gums.

  7. Travis Miles

    And here I was wondering why my grandmother always peels her apples and cuts them in pieces. I didn’t even think that it could hurt. Eating an apple, I mean, seems so mundane…

  8. Viserys Targaryen

    I’ve seen something like this on the TV once. A guy had difficulties eating an apple and it wasn’t just that an apple was too solid or something. He had Gingivitis, actually…