Choosing dental treatment after pregnancy

Question: I am 30 years old. Fillings on my teeth were changed 4 years ago, they are about to expire, it is necessary to change them, as the gums have cracks from the load on the teeth. The doctor has long recommended putting crowns, I plan to give birth to 35 (I heard that after pregnancy teeth deteriorate, crumble). If I put crowns now, will pregnancy still affect them negatively? Will I have to take them off, re-treat, etc., or is it better to replace the fillings now, and after 35 to put a crown.

Answer: You need to be examined and consulted by a dentist-therapist as a matter of routine and a dentist-orthopedist at the same time to see the clinical situation in your mouth, only after that the doctors can tell you all the possible treatment options in your case. Based on this, you will decide whether to cover your teeth with prosthetic restorations or replace the photopolymer fillings.

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