Can Teething in Infant Cause Diarrhea?

Can Teething in Infant Cause Diarrhea

It is a commonly held belief by parents that teething causes diarrhea. Existing medical opinion, nevertheless, is that there is no proof of a causal relationship in between a child’s teething and any problems with the alimentary tract. But what is a parent to believe when diarrhea seems to inevitably follow appearing teeth?

Does Teething in Infant Cause Diarrhea?

The misconception that teething causes diarrhea is rather common. The most common belief is that the excess saliva brought on by teething in some way affects the intestinal system. Medical research, however, has actually found no such causation in between teething and diarrhea.

So why do so lots of people believe there is a connection? It might be due to the fact that teething children are prone to get bacteria that can cause diarrhea. When a child is teething, he will put anything and everything in his mouth to try to reduce the discomfort, and much of those things are not spick-and-span.

In addition, teething typically occurs in children when they are in between 6 and 24 months old, a time during which a large portion of children will experience any number of various, entirely unassociated, symptoms or conditions. Those symptoms may accompany teething, but they are likely completely unrelated.

Mom’s Question: Can Teething Cause Diarrhea in My Baby?

Q: My 8 month old has actually had diarrhea for 2 days now. He is not fussy and he appears to feel well. We have not presented any brand-new foods, but he got his first tooth 5 days ago and I have actually heard that sometimes teeething can cause diarrhea. He is still consuming solids, however is not extremely interested in his formula or Pedialyte. Should I be worried?

One Mom Says: Teething can definatly cause diarrhea. My child was in the healthcare facility for two days on an if since she had diarrhea so bad from teething. and simply in case you didn’t know don’t give your baby apple juice it only makes it even worse … I found out the tough way after the e.r. nurse kept giving it to her.

Other Mom Says: My daughter is 11 months old and she just began getting the 2 front top teeth in and starting getting diarrhea.I had no problems with the bottom however with the top I have numerous unpleasant diapers.If the baby is taking any type of fluids in and is producing urine regularly I wouldnt worry too much about dehydration.If the diapers get lesser and lesser then I would recommend making a doctor appointment.

Other Causes of Diarrhea in Infants

When parents think their child’s diarrhea is brought on by teething, they may be less concerned than if the cause is unknown. Their lack of diligence may imply missing a diagnosis of a gastrointestinal issue or failing to notice or treat the dehydration that accompanies diarrhea in children.

When your child all at once experiences teething and diarrhea, you should make sure that the important things he is chewing have been effectively cleaned up, keep him hydrated, feed him foods that will help control rather than intensify the condition, and see your doctor right away if the diarrhea continues.

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