Can Taking Calcium Rebuild My Teeth?

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Since enamel is made up of generally calcium phosphate, a calcium-rich diet is necessary during tooth development. Fluoride reinforces teeth by replacing a few of the phosphorus in enamel. While there is no proof that taking calcium supplements restores the teeth, particular kinds of calcium used straight to the teeth can enhance and repair enamel and enhance the helpful effects of fluoride.


The good news is that teeth (and bones) have the ability to recover themselves in a process called remineralization. Essentially, specialized cells in the center of the tooth have the ability to regrow dentin, the layer of tooth simply under the enamel, and the enamel can then effectively remineralize from the exterior. This same procedure takes place in bones when phytic acid is eliminated from the diet and minerals/fat soluble vitamins are included.Although tooth enamel is the hardest compound in your body – even more powerful than bone – it’s still prone to dental caries when exposed to acids in the mouth.

Can Taking Calcium Rebuild My Teeth

Amorphous Calcium Phosphate

Amorphous calcium phosphate, or ACP, helps avoid the breakdown of tooth enamel, which can result in dental caries. It also repair works enamel by promoting recalcification. Due to the fact that calcium phosphate attracts fluoride, ACP increases the amount of fluoride that can enter into the enamel, boosting its resistance to dental caries. Since of its restorative impacts on tooth enamel, ACP can also lower tooth level of sensitivity.

ACP Products

ACP is an ingredient in some fluoride tooth pastes, mouth rinses, chewing gums and lozenges. Expertly used items with ACP include tooth-whitening products, fluoride varnishes, in-office cleansing paste and treatments to help with sensitive teeth. ACP might be incorporated into dental materials used for orthodontic treatment or for restoring decayed teeth.

Cheese and Teeth

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry states that certain cheeses – consisting of aged cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella and Monterey jack – help protect the teeth against cavities and promote enamel repair work, specifically when consumed alone or at the end of a meal. These cheeses promote saliva circulation, washing away food residue and cavity-promoting bacteria. They likewise consist of big amounts of calcium and phosphorus, which secure against acids in the mouth and promote enamel repair.

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