Benefits of Mouthwash

Is It Worth Using Mouthwashes

Many have appreciated the benefits of using mouthwashes and do it with pleasure, and some were recommended by their dentist. Either way, it’s an important topic for anyone interested in keeping their mouth healthy and their breath fresh.

To begin with, mouthwashes “passed” its “evolutionary path”, and today tools of this kind differ in properties and have different purposes. They also vary in form: in pharmacies you can see powders that need to be dissolved in water, concentrates for dilution and ready-to-use products. The latter option, of course, is more popular, as it is most convenient to use.

Benefits of Each Types of Mouthwashes

Oral rinses refer to hygiene products. Initially, such solutions were designed primarily to achieve a “deodorizing” effect: to eliminate (or rather “mask”) the smell that could be formed after eating, drinking, smoking or caused by the course of inflammatory diseases of the mouth.

Note: we strongly recommend to quit smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol.

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According to its purpose was determined and the composition of the means of this kind: water-alcohol base plus a component directly aimed at solving the “flavoring” problem (menthol and herbal combinations).

Nowadays, “deodorizing” rinses are referred to the “cosmetic” group of rinses, in addition to which are distinguished:

  • Healing/Therapeutic;
  • Healing/Preventive.

Means in these categories are similar in almost everything, the therapeutic and prophylactic rinses have additional (in addition to the therapeutic effect) components – mineralizing, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant or anti-carious directions.

So, rinses of the cosmetic group:

  • Sold over-the-counter in pharmacies and stores;
  • “Breath Fresheners;
  • Have a weak antiseptic effect.

Therapeutic Rinses:

  • Available in pharmacies by prescription;
  • Designed to solve a specific therapeutic problem, respectively have a medicinal component in their composition;
  • They also have a “refreshing” effect.

Is It Worth Using Mouthwashes

The prices of this kind of products vary widely. The price is influenced by the category (“deodorizing” or therapeutic product), as well as by the brand. However, the circumstance of the brand should not be taken as the main argument – it is much better to be guided by the recommendations of the dentist you visit.

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Rinses “cosmetic” category can be a good addition to the basic hygiene skills. Exactly a supplement: proper brushing and flossing with toothpaste, brushes and floss is the foundation of oral hygiene. By the way, for this option of using rinses (as a complementary hygiene tool), it is also advisable to get a doctor’s consultation.

If we are talking about the category of therapeutic and therapeutic-prophylactic rinses, the question of “should” may be irrelevant: the use of such a product can be included in the therapeutic course.

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