Are Dental Implants Painful?

Dental Implant

Because of the complexity of the procedure, the question of pain in the dental implant process is a natural one.

The process of dental implantation involves performing a surgical procedure in which an implant (a titanium post simulating a tooth root) is placed in the jawbone, and then a crown is attached to it.

Although implants are not new as an effective and safe way to restore lost teeth with artificial roots, some people still consider them a painful procedure and prefer the classic dentistry solutions. Is dental implantation really painful? Let’s try to get to the bottom of this question.

Tooth Implantation Procedure

Today, dental implantation is considered a fairly simple and common procedure. This service is provided by many clinics and is performed in several stages. The first, related to implanting the implant into the bone tissue, is the most intimidating for patients.

To answer the question of whether it hurts to insert a dental implant, it is safe to say that nowadays the process is performed under anesthesia, accurately and qualitatively, and is not traumatic or painful. In fact, the patient experiences the same sensations as during the treatment of cavities.

How Painful is Getting A Dental Implant?

In order to reduce pain during the implant process, the following solutions are used:

  • Local type anesthesia.
  • Sedation.
  • Full-blown anesthesia.
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Implant placement is usually done using local anesthesia. But whichever way and under what type of anesthesia the procedure is performed, it will be associated with a certain discomfort.

Such surgical manipulation feels in the patient’s mouth like the light mechanical work of a dentist, similar to the most common dental treatment. If the patient has increased fear or anxiety, sedation may be performed to supplement the local anesthesia, which consists of putting the patient in a semi-naptic state with medication.

In cases where the patient has ten or more implants to be placed with simultaneous bone grafting, general anesthesia can be used. It can also be used in the following indications:

  • Allergic reactions to local anesthetics.
  • The presence of a gag reflex that the patient cannot keep under control.
  • Fear of visiting the dentist, bordering on panic.
  • Patients with mental illness of varying severity.

Does it hurt to get a dental implant in the postoperative period?

A natural question for many patients is whether it will hurt after a tooth implant.

Most surgeries are performed using a metal scalpel to make the tissue incisions needed to implant the implants. Therefore, no matter how successful the procedure is, in the postoperative period, after the anesthesia is gone, the patient will feel discomfort. It resembles the feeling experienced after a tooth extraction.

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In situations where a small number of implants are placed, the patient can go to work the next day without a problem. However, when a completely lost dentition is restored, there is a risk of postoperative swelling. To relieve them, it is necessary to observe a special regime and take medications prescribed by the dentist.

How to Reduce Pain after Tooth implantation Procedure?

After the surgery, implantologists recommend:

  • Stay in the dental facility for some time.
  • Do not drive a car immediately to get home, but take a cab or use the services of relatives.
  • Postpone for two weeks visiting a tanning salon, swimming pool or sauna, exercising, lifting weights, eating hot and spicy food, drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • Try to avoid any stressful situations.
  • Strictly follow the rules of personal oral hygiene.

Today it is possible to minimize pain by using modern implantation technology, which involves the use of a laser beam as a cutting tool.

This method of placing implants greatly reduces the risk of inflammation once the prosthetic work is complete. The laser is not only less traumatic but also has a disinfecting and healing effect. With its help, the implant is placed within half an hour in a surgically sterile environment.

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Answering the question about whether there is any pain during dental implantation, let’s summarize: the implantation will cause a slight pain in any case. But this period will not last long. In addition, the doctor prescribes standard painkillers to relieve discomfort.

Other methods which you can handle your recovery at home:

  • Use an ice bag to the external cheek to help numb the pain and reduce swelling
  • Gently gargle using warm saltwater. This might sting slightly but will assist fight off any contagious bacteria
  • Make certain your whole body gets lots of rest. This implies no heavy lifting and no exhausting exercise.
  • Cold, soft or pureed foods are preferable during this time. Enjoying a cold smoothie or yoghurt is precisely what the dental practitioner purchased.

The procedure itself takes around 1 hour and will be nearly pain-free, although you might feel some pain from the pressure.

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